Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

One of the benefits of going to college is the opportunities to interact with students who speak different languages from all over the world. Many students at U.S. Colleges also choose to travel abroad for a few semesters to experience other countries as well, so whether its learning to speak in a different tongue with people at home or abroad, learning a foreign language offer many advantages. There are some good, free online resources for foreign language learning where you can quickly learn different languages by practicing the most common phrases and sentences to interact with people. Ultimately you will want to take a class to learn a language at an in-depth level, but its good to familiarize yourself with it first by practicing some different sentences, the most common verbiage for interactions. Once you familiarize yourself with basic sentences, it makes it can actually make it easier to pick it up more quickly in a class, or in a more in-depth learning session. There are many other benefits to learning a another language, such as helping students to learn about other cultures/ideas, making meaningful connections, professional growth and more which are highlighted in this article about the benefits of learning a different language.

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