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Welcome to the college review and resource website for current can prospective college students looking for the right school, how to pick the college or university, and all about the college life. We bring together the latest information on the latest information on colleges and universities across the U.S. in order to help students make the best decisions in their academic path. Then once you get to college, what do you do? What are the advice for course of study, extra projects, self improvement, socializing, interpersonal networking, and all that! College life doesn’t have to be hard, there are many choices and paths to take, we help students as best we can!

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  • Free Chat Lines for Social Connections

    Singles chat girlCollege students and adults are building connections through chatting on free chat line services and taking a page out of the traditional rule-book. A group of former university students created a startup at which bridges the gap between social networking and dating. People nowadays are constantly juggling between networking for friendship, dating, social or business opportunities, so this new website helps to close to gap and provide all that and let people connect Live on the phone through free chat lines with communities of local people.

    Callers can connect with others for friendship, dating or forming new partnerships for a variety of purposes. The numbers are free to call, so people have the freedom to choose, depending on who they talk to, what type of social connection they want to create. Whether its making new friends with shared interests, looking for business partnerships or casually finding your significant other, Friendshipbloom gives people freedom to choose to connect however they want, Live with another real person. Traditional niches, whether its social networking, dating, or hobby sites tend to be confined to their own niche, or may be a little to awkward to mix the different niches, but this new site gives people complete freedom to mix business with pleasure! Yes the complete opposite of the cliché “don’t mix business with pleasure”. But in the evolving information age, old ideas become new and when timing is right, things take off now where it didn’t in the past. leverages an existing, large nationwide community of local people and let’s anyone from a particular location chat with those around them or chat with others farther out. From Los Angeles to New York, Dallas to Seattle, people calling in can connect with others in cities from coast to coast, from southern to northern parts of the United States. Best of all, if people don’t find a local person, they can connect to different locations further away. Those looking for a particular interest such as casual friend connections can get to know each other with utmost privacy, no online profile picture or information that has to be shared, start the conversation in a non-judgmental way and see how things go. You choose to provide what information you want to give, continue the process of getting acquainted, meet up in person to build the friendship or something more! Best of all its easy and free so get started with meeting someone new today, make your dating/friendship/social connection blossom at!

  • Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

    One of the benefits of going to college is the opportunities to interact with students who speak different languages from all over the world. Many students at U.S. Colleges also choose to travel abroad for a few semesters to experience other countries as well, so whether its learning to speak in a different tongue with people at home or abroad, learning a foreign language offer many advantages. There are some good, free online resources for foreign language learning where you can quickly learn different languages by practicing the most common phrases and sentences to interact with people. Ultimately you will want to take a class to learn a language at an in-depth level, but its good to familiarize yourself with it first by practicing some different sentences, the most common verbiage for interactions. Once you familiarize yourself with basic sentences, it makes it can actually make it easier to pick it up more quickly in a class, or in a more in-depth learning session. There are many other benefits to learning a another language, such as helping students to learn about other cultures/ideas, making meaningful connections, professional growth and more which are highlighted in this article about the benefits of learning a different language.